Thursday, July 8, 2010

back in the routine

I'm just coming back to work from a 10-day vacation and I'm very much struggling to get back in the routine of waking up and being somewhat productive. Example: Today I woke up at 7:00 a.m. which left me with a whopping 25 minutes to get ready for work. Hence, the awful ponytail, minimal makeup, and outfit that consists of whatever clothes weren't wrinkled.

I had this problem before vacation though & thought I was just burned out on work and a few days off would somehow cure me of this horrible habit. So much for that idea because the horrible habit is back. It seems that no matter what time I go to bed (which is usually before 10:00--if I'm not in bed by then I'm cranky), I can't seem to wake up on time. I would like to say I wake up at 6:00, shower, get ready, have time for breakfast and get the dogs taken care of before I head off to work at 7:25. However, 99.99% of the time, I wake up between 6:45 and 7:00, shower as quickly as humanly possible, throw some gel in my hair and pray that I can tame it with a pony tail and put on makeup in the car. No breakfast. Dogs fend for themselves. Make it to work at 7:59.

I've tried taking B12 supplements thinking that improved oxygen and blood flow would help my engery levels rise from 0, but even with 5000 mg per day it hasn't made a difference.

It leads me to think that maybe I need to make other changes in my life. Maybe I can't seem to wake up early enough because I can't seem to get excited/motivated/positive/inspired... pick one... about my day ahead. I've thought a lot about this. Each and every single day in fact. And I'm struggling to decide what change I need to make. I think there's an obvious answer (which I won't name here in the rare case that the wrong person stumbles across this) to what I should do, but for now it's very much a waiting game.

So, any ideas to help with the motivation/energy levels? B12 doesn't work. Exercise is good, but doesn't help. Going bed earlier just means I sleep more while still waking up at 7:00. So, I'm open to anything.