Saturday, February 18, 2012

1st Cravings

I think I officially had my first pregnancy craving this past week. For Valentine's Day this year, me and the hubs laid low, cooked at home and decided not to exchange gifts or candy. However, I had been looking forward to one thing, and one thing only, the entire day.

Chocolate milk.

We usually keep chocolate milk in the fridge, and Tuesday was no different than usual. We had almost 1/2 gallon left, so I knew I could have a huge glass when I got home from work. There was only one catch-- the expiration date was Tuesday. I had held out hope for that date to only mean that it couldn't be sold in stores after that date and it would still be delicious.

It wasn't, and thankfully the hubby poured it out before I had to figure that out for myself.

I have to admit that I got more upset and aggravated than normal when the hubs told me he threw it out, and even though he offered to go get me more, I declined as I tried to reason with the psychotic side of me that wanted it so bad.

Long story short... I couldn't get it out of my mind and we mad a trip to a nearby store at 9 p.m. to get a bottle.

So far, this and other very mild cravings have been only 1 of 2 symptoms I've had since I've been preggo. The other symptom being fatigue. I tried to blame it on the rain, but I only got out of the house today for about 2 hours. Went a few places and felt drained so I came home and took a nap.

I'll enjoy it while I can. :)

Monday, February 13, 2012

I'm back!!!

Wow, a lot has changed since my last post in 2010 a few months ago.

Since my last post I:
  1. Got engaged
  2. Got married
  3. Went to Jamaica for a fabulous honeymoon
  4. Got pregnant... not to mention welcomed new babies to the family and our circle of friends.
See that tiny bean? This week he/she is only a 1/4 inch long. It's hard to believe that in a few short months it will grow into a beautiful baby full of life.

So, a quick catch up...

Matthew proposed on my birthday in 2011. He surprised me with some cupcakes and a beautiful princess cut diamond engagement ring neatly placed around a chocolate straw on one of the red velvet cupcakes.

We got married September 17th and vacationed for a week in Montego Bay, Jamaica. I really can't say enough about Jamaica. It was beautiful and relaxing--just what I needed after the stress of planning a wedding on a budget in 7 short months.

We found out we were expecting about 2 1/2 weeks ago. We starting "trying" in January expecting it to take a few months before it actually worked. Well, it worked the very first month. I probably took 5-6 tests and still didn't believe I was pregnant until our first appointment this past Thursday when we had our first ultrasound.

The hubby was so sweet to go with me to this appointment (he knew how nervous I was) and had a huge smile on his face during the entire ultrasound. I didn't get as emotional as I expected, but felt a huge sigh of relief when the lady told me there was only ONE baby instead of two.

So far, I've had no pregnancy symptoms except fatigue. And, I'm usually tired all the time anyway, so this is really no different than my everyday life. I'm so thankful that I haven't been sick and hope it stays that way. Several of my friends went their entire pregnancy with no morning sickness, and I'm hoping to join that circle of the lucky few.

The hubby has been so sweet and attentive to my needs since we found out about the baby. For example, I've spent most of the past weekend under the weather battling sinus problems. He's made numerous trips to the pharmacy to get the only 3 types of medicines I can take, and has  made sure I'm eating well and getting plenty of rest.

My due date is October 6th. I have lots on my to do list, so my brain seems to be running at 90 mph all day long. One thing on the top of that to do list is to find names. Any ideas?