Thursday, May 21, 2009

here's another...

wow. that's all i can say. wow.

"there will be a day"

one of my new favorite songs. get out your tissues. you're gonna need 'em.


I very much need a restart to my day... I woke up an hour late and was about 25 minutes late for work. Since I put in quite a bit of overtime here, being a little late isn't a big deal, but I hate for people to think I'm a slacker. Of course, I didn't have time to eat breakfast or grab something for lunch, which completely ruins my "I'm not spending money this week" plan. On top of me fighting the urge to go to the snack machine, my head feels like it's about to explode! The crazy weather is making me sick, so I'm ready for some sunshine!!!

Good thing we're headed to the beach tomorrow! :) Yay!!! My life/energy needs to be recharged and I can't think of a better way than to spend a few days in the sun! It's very gloomy weather here today, and has been all week actually, so that makes me feel a little gloomy too. You know when you just feel brain dead because you're so tired of the same routine? Yep, that's me right now. But it's nothing some sun, sand, friends and umbrella drinks can't fix! Happy Memorial Day weekend!

Friday, May 15, 2009

she's only happy in the sun

I'm missing a very fun beach trip this weekend with the fabulous BF and some good friends. So, to combat my jealousy/envy of the trip, I'm daydreaming of the beach and all the fun I've had so far this year... I'm thinking it's only going to make me more jealous though.

Here is the fabulous BF I mention. And, if you're wondering, that's a Gag Grouper he caught. I think we ate him the other night and he was pretty delicious. :) Matthew is pretty obsessed with fishing, so I've learned quite a bit about it lately, like...grouper are strong fighters when you catch them. They apparently swim near the bottom and are really hard to get off the bottom of the ocean. Snapper is not yet in season. Catching a Cobia is a big deal... very big deal. They also look like a shark swimming in the water. Salt water fishing is expensive. When you salt water fish a lot you're called a "saltie." Matthew never wins the "big fish" competition the boys have.

This is the boys on their last fishing trip. The water was pretty rough, so they were all kind of beat. Oh, and the big fish in the middle was a King Mackerel. He was pretty yummy too! :)

Now that I've been daydreaming, I'm also becoming more and more jealous that I can't go.
:( So, time for a little positive reinforcement:

Things I'm going to miss this weekend: Fishing with Matthew; a sunny day at the beach; a friend's wedding at the beach

Fun things I get to do this weekend instead: go to a good friend's baby shower; visit with old co-workers and have them gush over my cute new BF; sleep in late!!!; go shopping; spend a quite night with Matthew when he gets home; plan more beach trips :)

... ok, all better now!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

life in the fast lane

Since I've started working in Marketing, I've come to realize that there's so such thing as a 40-hour work week in this field. I am the Marketing Specialist for a credit union based in Southeast Alabama. I call myself "head of the creative department" (just don't tell my boss... haha) as well because I create and design about 80% of all advertisements we do. I mainly do print and radio ads and try to help with our website occasionally (thankfully, we have a wonderful web master to do all the things I can't!). We have a total of 18 branches throughout Southeast Alabama, the Mobile Bay area and Northwest Florida... which means, LOTS of community events and PR work! I love that aspect of my job, however, I don't love that all the events happen to fall on weekends. I know a lot of people work a lot more than I do (so kudos to those that do), but I feel like I haven't had a weekend off in forever! Needless to say, I'm very much looking forward to a weekend with no credit union activities! But for fun, here's what I've been up to lately...

AER Golf Tournament: Each year we host a golf tournament to benefit Army Emergency Relief. AER is a wonderful organization that provides financial support for soldiers (active duty, retired & National Guard) and their families. Usually, our golf tourny is one of their biggest fundraisers, so we work really hard to make sure they have a good turn-out.

Cystic Fibrosis Great Strides Walk: We were a sponsor at the benefit walks in Dothan and Mobile this year. Kirby the Kangaroo, our mascot for our kids' savings program, went to both walks to play with the kids who were there. In this picture, Kirby got to pose with the antebellum girls in Mobile. Bless the people who had to be "Kirby" because it certainly was hot!

Troy Fest: Kirby has certainly been a busy kangaroo lately. He did the impossible and was two places at once since one of the CF Walks was the same weekend as Troy Fest. Each year in Troy, the city puts on an art festival to showcase local artists and vendors. It's a great event and a lot of fun. This year, our credit union was a presenting sponsor and the sponsor of a 'scrap exchange' program. Kirby and the crew from the scrap exchange not only set up shop at Troy Fest, but also went to area schools the days before Troy Fest to talk about recycling.

Annual Car, Truck and Boat Sale: This year was our 25th Annual Car, Truck and Boat sale in Daleville. My weekend was spent at the car lot making sure dealers & customers were happy, shuffling radio remotes and who interviews when and making sure the employees had the supplies/info they needed. Thankfully, my good friend Ben aka Captain Credit Union was on hand to answer any tough/real banking questions. My excuse is still "I'm new. I don't know the answer to that," anytime someone asks a hard question, so he was there to jump in and put me to shame. :)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

She twisted my arm...

In the midst of a creative block, i.e. procrastinating on designing an ad for work, my good friend Donora has finally convinced me to start a blog. The last time I blogged was in college, and I HATED it. So, this blog might be short lived... but then again, I'm sure Donora will stay on my case to keep writing. :)