Friday, May 15, 2009

she's only happy in the sun

I'm missing a very fun beach trip this weekend with the fabulous BF and some good friends. So, to combat my jealousy/envy of the trip, I'm daydreaming of the beach and all the fun I've had so far this year... I'm thinking it's only going to make me more jealous though.

Here is the fabulous BF I mention. And, if you're wondering, that's a Gag Grouper he caught. I think we ate him the other night and he was pretty delicious. :) Matthew is pretty obsessed with fishing, so I've learned quite a bit about it lately, like...grouper are strong fighters when you catch them. They apparently swim near the bottom and are really hard to get off the bottom of the ocean. Snapper is not yet in season. Catching a Cobia is a big deal... very big deal. They also look like a shark swimming in the water. Salt water fishing is expensive. When you salt water fish a lot you're called a "saltie." Matthew never wins the "big fish" competition the boys have.

This is the boys on their last fishing trip. The water was pretty rough, so they were all kind of beat. Oh, and the big fish in the middle was a King Mackerel. He was pretty yummy too! :)

Now that I've been daydreaming, I'm also becoming more and more jealous that I can't go.
:( So, time for a little positive reinforcement:

Things I'm going to miss this weekend: Fishing with Matthew; a sunny day at the beach; a friend's wedding at the beach

Fun things I get to do this weekend instead: go to a good friend's baby shower; visit with old co-workers and have them gush over my cute new BF; sleep in late!!!; go shopping; spend a quite night with Matthew when he gets home; plan more beach trips :)

... ok, all better now!

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  1. Love it! I'll daydream about the beach w/ you... only 7 more days!!