Thursday, August 20, 2009

act on the promise

I never blog enough to write 2 posts in one day, but today has been one of those days where God has been all over the place and in everything I do or see. When things like that happen, you can't help but share. I decided to google the song Jennifer had in her status that I mentioned in the last post, and came across the song and the lyrics. It's called "While I Wait" by John Waller. Apparently, it's in the movie Fireproof (which I haven't seen so I don't know the story behind it), and I read where it's about the guy waiting on his wife to forgive him and see the change in him so they can get back together. Anyway... that's beside the point of this blog.

Check out this article I came across during my search. I don't know much about the site, but so far I'm a fan. This guy discusses the question of how can we wait on God and still move ahead. Very much worth reading. He posts a verse where God calls Abraham to leave his home and settle in somewhere new. Here's the God thing coming in... I visited Harvest Church in Dothan this past Sunday for the first time (and loved it) and guess what the message was on? Yep, on the same thing. Same story of Abraham and taking steps of faith and trusting God along the way.

You see, when God called Abraham to move, he basically would be moving somewhere he knew nothing about. Didn't know anyone. Didn't have any land. Just picked up and left. On top of that, God didn't reveal to him the details of what was in store. Just told him the promise of what was to come. So, Abraham channeled his Nike future and Just Did it. He moved and just trusted God along the way, never knowing the ending, but knowing that God would fulfill His promise. The point of the message was that sometimes God calls us to take steps in obedience without knowing the outcome or the ending of the story. He calls us to trust him and have faith- regardless if we know what's going to happen or not. Taking steps of faith and obedience while holding on to the promise. Action first. Details later.

For me, it's so hard to do this. I want to know what's going to happen or if I am going to be able to deal the difficulties of the process. I know that God has good things in store, but what's going to happen in the meantime? Fact is, we should act on God's promise and trust that He'll take care of anything else. New goal for me-- act on faith and promise.

My mom told me something a long time ago and always remember it when situations arise that require you to wait. She said she always wished for writing on the wall, for God to just spell things out so that she could easily see them and make no mistakes. Then, a friend told her,
"Writing on the wall requires no faith."

Hmm...something to think about. Very true I think. It's easy to follow writing on a wall. Acting in obedience never knowing what's ahead, not so much.

Ok, I think I'm done for the day. Two blogs in one day... whew, I don't know if my brain can handle it. :)

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