Friday, November 13, 2009


looks like it's been a good 2 months since my last blog. wow... how the time flies when you're having fun! :) i don't know if i've been really busy and haven't had time to write anything, or just really bored and felt like there was nothing good to write. either way, it's the time of year where i can't remember what i did yesterday, much less remember to write a blog. but here's to a slow day at work where my cold meds are making me feel a little loopy...

i had a mild panic attack earlier this week because i realized it was already the second week in november. apparently i wasn't alone though, because of my close friends (who panicked about her 27th birthday) felt the same way. we talked for a while about where our lives have gone and how did we get so old. do you ever feel like everything is just kind of happening so fast and then you wake up and you're a grown-up? yeah. i feel like that. not a fan.

this time of year is super busy for everyone. add tons of PR work for my company and that's when you wake up in january and wonder where the holiday season went. at work, our time if full of volunteer work (mainly by me and 1 or 2 others since no one else wants to volunteer for ANYTHING), promotions, sponsored events, food drives, angel trees, donations, pictures, gift wrapping, press releases, new commercials, planning Christmas parties, etc. i think this may be the last weekend that i don't 'officially' have any plans before the chaos begins. see what i mean?

November 20-21: AACFCU sponsored football game at Troy. Have to be there ALL DAY. Missing a good friend's baby shower. Followed by birthday party that night.

November 25-28: Thanksgiving at the lake. Black Friday (no worries on this one though b/c i have no $$ to shop). AUBURN vs ALABAMA football game. Baby shower (should be fun though.)...... and.... are you ready for this??? the start of duck season!!! dun, dun, dun!!! Matthew will be so excited, he'll probably pop right out of his skin.

December 1-5: Gift wrapping for the House of Ruth. Mary Kay party. Board of Director Christmas Party-- thank goodness it's going to be open bar. i have a feeling I'll need it.

December 10-12: Daleville Chamber Christmas party that we plan, host & clean up after. Organizing all Christmas donations for work and probably begging more people for volunteer work.

... and i can't think about the rest just yet. i know it could be much worse, but today I'm already sleepy and it seems like I'll never sleep again. oh yeah, and i almost forgot that i have to buy Christmas presents too. geez....


  1. didn't you have like 12 christmas parties last year for work too! yay christmas! :) although i have to say i did not welcome with open arms the christmas music that is playing on the radio here... which i usually am very excited about. here's to january! :)

  2. ps - you should post A LOT more often. once every 2 months doesn't cut it.... even if i am your only follower. you need to advertise!

  3. i had 4 different christmas parties for work i think. i just don't know when 2 of them are yet. they'll probably be the first 2 weeks in december, which means the whole month will fly by. i'm usually extremely excited about christmas, but right now all i can think about is all the extra overtime it brings with it.