Monday, February 22, 2010

no good very bad day

I’m very much having a case of the Mondays today. Today is definitely NOT what I needed after such a beautiful weekend. Speaking of the weekend, it was wonderful. Fantastic dinner at Mikata with amazing company. Beautiful Saturday at the beach shopping, complete with ice cream from Cold Stone and finding shoes on sale. Saturday night eating Mexican, seeing old friends, hanging out with some of the cutest kids and most fun families. Eating a delicious home-cooked meal with Mom Sunday afternoon followed by a productive afternoon with the BF.

Then it starts.

For some reason, someone told me that I needed to watch The Stepfather because it was such a good movie. They said it was suspenseful-- not scary and not gory (I don’t do the blood and guts. I have no desire to see anyone’s insides… yuck). I’m still not exactly sure why this person told me it wasn’t scary. What I am sure of is that I barely slept last night and kept dreaming that someone was chasing me or trying to break in my house. Not a good start to my week.

...and here comes Monday.

Not only did I dream that someone was trying to get me, but I also dreamed that I overslept for work, woke up at 9:15 (I have to be at work at 8), and my roof was leaking and basically pouring rain in my bathroom. Granted, it was storming this morning, but thank goodness the roof is fine.

My main question of the day is… WHEN IN THE WORLD DID I BECOME A SECRETARY AT WORK??? Not bashing secretaries/assistants by any means b/c they do a lot of work… but when I was hired, the words secretary or assistant was NEVER mentioned in my job description or interview.

Here’s what I’ve been asked to do today:

  1. Order new name tags for my boss and 2 others 
  2. Have a door prize ready for an event by Friday (consisting of the daunting task of pulling a blanket out of a box… whoa… I know… Good thing I’ve been working out.) 
  3. Email someone about a copy of a paper 
  4. Make copies for a co-workers presentation
  5. Email another co-worker a file that she already has
  6. Read about 100 stupid blogs that’s sent to me everyday

… and this is all on top of creating our employee newsletter, writing new radio ads, writing new press releases, getting ready for a trade show on Wednesday, writing new class material for financial classes, editing videos, and I can even remember what else. And ALL this has to be done today. Not to mention I’ve already taken on IT’s role and have been fixing computer issues this morning.

So you tell me… why can’t anyone else do this?? Especially Mrs. Big Fancy Boss Lady herself? You got me.

Like I said… I have severe case of the Mondays. Bring on Tuesday.

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  1. boo! i'm so sorry you have a case of the mondays.
    i do love the new owl on the side of your blog though... cute :)

    i miss you TERRIBLY! wanna come to b'ham for my birthday party? i've just now decided i'm having one.... in 2 months... and you are the only person invited so far. :) sounds like a fun time you can't pass up, huh?!

    Happy Tuesday-Eve!