Wednesday, March 3, 2010

i found that motivation i was looking for

so, yesterday was pretty rough. i found myself begging for motivation and energy to overcome my crazy anger and not let a certain someone control my mood so much. (side note: am i the only one who has such a hard time not letting a person control my thoughts and feelings? why is that so hard?) well, to deal with my anger my plan was to head to the gym for a kickboxing class and pretend like i was punching and kicking that someone in the face. even though i forgot to picture her face, i actually found myself having a pretty good time in the midst of all my sweat. i was pushing myself a little harder than i usually do and surprisingly making it through without collapsing.

and then came the motivation. right as i was thinking i needed a break b/c surely this was too much for my body handle, i look to my right and see the lady with cancer and going through chemo kicking this class's butt. I don't mean just going through the motions and keeping up with the class. I mean really kicking butt.

at that point i quit making excuses. no matter how hard my day had been, no matter how sweaty and tired i was, i didn't have to worry about a horrible disease trying to destroy my life. if this lady, who sometimes probably feels like the world is against her, can fight with a positive attitude, why can't I? i've seen how difficult the chemo treatments can be. i've seen people who sometimes just want to give up. and i've seen those same people keep pushing, keep fighting, keep praying and keep having faith.

God has a funny way of putting things in perspective right when we feel like we can't take anymore.

To the lady in the gym class-- thanks for keeping us all going. thanks for making us more grateful for what we have and here's to kicking cancer's butt like you kick butt in class! :)

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