Tuesday, March 23, 2010

in search of a long lost friend

i'm changing my blog. i know, i know... all my followers (all 3 of them) are going to be so confused, right? i post so many different things and do so quite often, that a name change might throw someone for a loop. i really should take a break on blogging. i mean, who wants to read stuff every other month anyway, right?

...ok... i'm done with the sarcasm now. but i really am changing the name. you see, the whole reason i started this blog was because donora made me. not asked me to. not encouraged me to start it. she literally forced me to do it. it started out with good intentions, and then turned into me reading everyone else's blogs and never updating my own (which was ok, b/c i talked to my friend on a almost-daily basis).

but now my friend donora has seemed to disappear. last i talked to her she said something about an internship, school, work, family, blah, blah, blah. and then she said something about never having any time. i can't really remember what all she said because it was so long ago.

so, this is my attempt to find her again. maybe if i write letters to her more often, she'll somehow track me down on this worldwide web thing and i can keep up with her life again. until then... here are my letters to donora. :)

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