Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Just call me Jessie from Saved by the Bell and imagine me screaming, “No time! There’s NEVER any time!” … right before I break down and admit my addiction to caffeine.

Unlike Jessie, however, my addiction isn’t to caffeine pills so I can study and sing at night, but rather an addiction to Diet Dr. Pepper and my ability to function throughout the day.

I spent the past two days not having ANY caffeine. I should be proud, right? Since it seemed I was on my way to a new, healthier habit? Wrong. I felt AWFUL. Bad mood, headache, sleepiness, laziness, lack of motivation… you name it, I was feeling it.

That’s when I decided to screw being healthy for just this one thing. I can convince myself that I need to eat better, exercise more, take better care of myself, blah, blah, blah, but I refuse to give up my Diet Dr. Pepper. Granted, I only allow myself one drink per day (two if I got out to eat- I’m usually afraid of drinking restaurant water), so I don’t know why one drink can make such a difference.

This morning I’m back to drinking my daily Diet DP and feeling great. No headache, no sleepiness & I might even have a little tiny ounce of motivation to actually get some work done. Bring on the caffeine, because there are no plans to kick the habit in the near future.


  1. i LOVE diet dr.p, but it has officially been 7 weeks since my last bit of caffiene/diet dr.p. I ALMOST gave in and drank a diet coke yesterday, but managed to hang on by a thread and pass it by.
    One a day isn't bad. I think its when you drink soda instead of any water that you'd probably start to get into trouble. 1 a day is a very small, calorie-free indulgence! :)

    so.... when are you coming to visit??? i'm running out of free weekends for the summer.

  2. i want to come visit soon!!! My free weekends are dwindling too (along with my travel money), so i want to come asap!