Monday, June 14, 2010

capt. lou-lou charters

i FINALLY got to go fishing on Mary Jane (the bf's boat) this weekend in panama city. it was a gorgeous day out on the water, despite the hot & humid weather. we've all been worried about the oil spill (along with the rest of the gulf and U.S.), so the bf has been trying to fit in as many fishing trips as possible. after all this, who knows when we'll get to go again. so, here's what happens when i get to go fishing and have my chance to show up the boys. :)

my first fish of the day. at this point i'm wondering what the $@#*! is on the end of this line that's trying to pull me in the water?!? not to mention, the rod is jammed in my stomach, surely giving me internal bleeding, but i've been told to "never let go of the rod. if you get pulled in, we'll get you out before a shark comes." comforting, huh?

then i find out this guy in on the other end. a tasty amberjack. as hard as it was getting him in the boat (i'm attributing that to the fact that my stomach was hurting from the rod by the way), he wasn't even legal size. maybe half of the legal size, but a smaller aj nonetheless.

the bf always told me that i couldn't reel in an aj, but look who reeled in an aj!!!

who knew snapper had teeth like this?

since the bf went fishing the day before and had an awesome day catching lots of fish, he let me do most of the catching on our trip. but i let him sneak a few in every once in a while.

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  1. that thing was only HALF the size of a legal amberjack?! He's HUGE! I would have kept him and eaten him :)
    And for the record I am seriously impressed you reeled him in... wow!