Thursday, December 24, 2009

home for the holidays

It's 11:52 and I'm sitting in my old bed at my parents' house. I'm back home (and way before my old curfew for the record) for the night. One night to act like a kid again where my parents just seem to take care of everything. Breakfast magically appears on the table in the morning, the kitchen-cleaning elves sneak in after meals to clean so I don't have to and my dogs think there's some kind of force field around their bed, so they're actually staying in once place instead of exploring every bug and piece of dirt in hopes of a midnight snack. it feels good to be back home for the night. somehow i feel a little more care-free. a little less worried about the realities of the world. as if they've disappeared just for one night.

that's the thing about christmas- somehow, the whole world just seems to slow down for a couple days and we all remember what's important in life. we spend so much time looking for the perfect gift, but now, it's not about the gifts. it's about being with each other and celebrating the one who brought us all together. we're reminded of all we have to be thankful for: family, friends, a home, our health and most of all, the true meaning of christmas. to me, there's more to the meaning of christmas than simply Jesus' birth. that's why we celebrate, but think about it.... why is Jesus' birth so important? Salvation, yes. Heaven, yes. But I'm reminded of the transformation He brings. He was born, so we could be transformed. No matter what we did, who we offended, what we thought, His birth brings transformation. hope. peace in knowing that whatever life throws our way, He's on our side.

Tonight, I'm reminded how blessed and grateful I really am. For my God, my family, my friends, Matthew & his family, a job, a house, my health and all the little things in life that make everyday so wonderful.

merry christmas eve. :)

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  1. Emily! Hi!! Great to see you on here. I hope we can catch up sometime. Let me know next time you are in Atlanta. Happy New Year sweetie!