Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry Christmas!

...written by a friend of a friend... thought it was fabulous! :)

The gifts are ready and the tree is glistening,
Around Grandpa’s lap, the children are listening.

He reminds them of the gifts and the jolly man in red,
“But there’s more to Christmas than that,” he said.

“Our Savior was born and through him we receive,
The real joys of Christmas that bring me to my knees.

He gave me you, your mama—my daughter, and your grandma—my wife.
It’s this family that keeps my chin up, no matter my strife.

Even if the stockings were empty and our glasses were dry,
Nothing could take the sparkle from my eye.

I have you, my family and the dearest friends I could know
To remind me the best gifts of Christmas don’t come with a bow.

Merry Christmas, My Little Angels, may this day for you be bright.
It’s you I’ll give thanks for, when I lay my head down this night.

April H. Henderson

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