Friday, December 18, 2009

holiday sabatoge

I will NOT eat that donut. I just won’t do it. Maybe the éclair upstairs in Administration??? Nope. Willpower, Emily. Willpower. Sugar cookies with fancy little sprinkles in the Lobby… pass. Fudge made by sweet little grandmas in Accounting… pass. Rice Krispy treats with gooey marshmallows in Loans… pass. Chips from Collections to fix your salt cravings after all the sweets… pass.

I was feeling good about “being good” on my non-diet-just-trying-not-to-gain-100-pounds….. until I saw the cookie cake.

Ugh… how did they know my weakness??? How did they know that no matter what, it’s next to impossible for me not to eat the warm, chewy chocolate chip cookie with bright red and green icing? Cookie cakes (along with ice cream cakes and cookie dough ice cream) are among my favorite things ever. And it was just staring at me. Begging me to stop and look at it for just one more second. So, what did I do? Walked by and conquered the temptation, right? Not a chance. I ate a piece—a small piece…… And then went back for a 2nd bigger piece. So much for that willpower. I’ll try again this afternoon to walk by without stopping.

Except now they brought in pizza. Geez…

I read in a magazine that it helps in the weight loss efforts if you wait until the party food is picked over by everyone else. It makes all the goodies look, well, not that good. After everyone’s picked through it, it’s SUPPOSED to look less appetizing. Supposed to. So what do you do when it still looks as good as the first time? Hide in your office until all the food goes away.  Like me.

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